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  1. CryptoReek, a.k.a Taariq Paul, is the son of immigrant parents from Trinidad. Taariq is an ex-convict who barely passed high school and turned his life around. He has made money from crypto, real estate, and other business endeavors before writing down his experiences. To teach the basics of Bitcoins and Blockchains, the author, with the help of Thysirpips, has developed a Cryptocurrency trading book for beginners.
    Taariq is married to Basia and they have two wonderful children: a daughter named Nevaeh and a son named Joaquin.
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What’s Inside The Crypto Trader Book

Honorable Assets is essentially a beginner’s guide to investing in cryptocurrency. While trying to jump into this new market, a lot of people face losses and disappointments. Why? Because Cryptocurrency trading for beginners is a hard task. The Honorable Assets book digs into the concept of new finance options, and ‘online’ money, and focuses on the research needed to understand these new ideas.
This world might seem complicated, but the Metaverse Cryptocurrency book is a step-by-step guide that will allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of cryptocurrency, blockchain, and its developments before they make any big moves.

The authors have ensured that readers find all the necessary details on trading, NFTs, decentralized finance, bitcoin, Binance trading, and more. It is not only a complete guide to cryptocurrency trading but also an insightful read and a very useful tool!

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$30/per Month

Tier 1 – Gold Package

In “Tier 1” you get access to our ebook “A Beginners Handbook to the World of Cryptocurrency” and the Honorable Assets discord that includes a group chat with likeminded individuals along with bi-weekly market updates and news.

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$50/per Month

Tier 2 – Platinum Package

In Tier 2 you get a copy of our ebook, full access to technical analysis basics and exclusive trading strategy lessons uploaded directly to Gumroad so you can watch at your convenience. You will also gain full access to everything within our discord.

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A Beginners Handbook to the World of Cryptocurrency by CryptoReek & ThySirPips

Our ebook “A Beginners Handbook to the World of Cryptocurrency” by CryptoReek and ThySirPips is a great tool for anyone beginning their crypto journey.

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